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Hand-Crafted Rustic Woodwork
and unusual garden artifacts

Bird TablesBird Table Heaven is located at Lane End Farm near Newport in Shropshire.

We specialize in hand-crafted rustic woodwork, garden furniture and unusual decorative items.

Each piece is unique and at any one time you will find hundreds of different items on display.

Bird Tables

Most Credit / Debit Card payments accepted.

Bird Tables

And even more bird tables!These include bird tables, thatched birdhouses, nest boxes, owl boxes, dovecotes, planters, rose arches, rustic seats, roofed swing seats, arbours, large scale garden planters with lattice screening, pergolas, hedgehog boxes, bird feeders, tree seats, duckcotes and wildfowl boxes.

We also stock a range of architectural garden artifacts in stone and cast or wrought iron which includes bird baths, staddle stones, troughs, sculpture, urns, old railway and park benches, Coalbrookdale cast iron benches, garden house, follies and gazebos.

We are pleased to produce work to your own specification: Arches, pergolas, arbours, swing seats and some garden artifacts are made to individual order.

Most Credit / Debit Card payments accepted.

Bird Table Heaven
Lane End Farm, Chetwynd, Nr Newport, Shropshire TF10 8BN
Tel: 01952 550337 Email: